Municipal Pest Management Initiatives

The municipal use of pesticides varies widely across Canada. Some municipalities have not used pesticides for many years due to lack of funds. Others have by-laws that enforce reductions or eliminate pesticide use altogether. A few municipalities continue to blanket spray municipal turf; other have adopted an alternative pest management program, e.g. IPM or Plant Health Care, that significantly reduces pesticide use through the implementation of more ecologically friendly techniques. While the spectrum of activity is diverse, every indication suggests that most municipalities are trying to reduce dependence on chemical pesticides.

• Best Management Practices and Alternative Approaches – includes landscape maintenance & design strategies, and structural pest management.

• By-laws Restricting Pesticide Use – includes a listing of municipal pesticide by-laws

• Municipal Case Studies / Activities – includes examples from across Canada

• Municipal Pesticide Advisory Groups/ Activities – includes examples from across Canada

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