Responsible Pest Management provides municipal governments and communities with access to information, tools and networks that maximize opportunities for pesticide reduction.

Responsible Pest Management delivers a unique collection of Canadian-based information including:
• Municipal Pest Management List Serv – connect with experts on pest management issues
• Municipal Pesticide Reduction Case Studies – find out what other municipalities are doing
• Best Practices and Alternatives – keep informed of current techniques
• Management Tools – improve the performance of your pest management program

Importance of Responsible Pest Management:
A national strategy was developed for the Federation of Canadian Municipaliies (FCM), in the spring of 2000 to encourage responsible use of pesticides, encourage alternative pest management practices and make people aware of the possible effects of pesticide use. The decision to create a strategy recognized growing community concerns about human and ecosystem health, pest management costs and initiation of individual municipal government programs to reduce pesticide use that could result in duplication of effort, patchwork actions and sometimes unnecessary problems and confrontation.
• A National Strategy for Responsible Pest Management **

A steering committee will coordinate completion of the FCM National Responsible Pest Management Strategy for municipal governments and make recommendations on implementation to the FCM Board.
• FCM Pesticide Steering Committee Members

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